Revolutionizing prehospital care: XR simulators for realistic casualty training

Practicing realistic prehospital casualty care poses challenges in terms of cost and logistics. Our focus is on exploring the potential of utilizing existing AR/VR technology to develop a simulator specifically designed for managing casualties with massive hemorrhage.

Current simulations for handling massive bleedings often involve practicing on peers or basic mannequins, making it difficult and expensive to enhance realism with features like ”blood spurting” and stressful effects.

Unfortunately, this approach can lead to ”training scars” and potential mistakes in real-life situations where lives are at stake.

The rapid advancements in AR/VR technology provide an opportunity for more sophisticated and advanced simulators. The Swedish Armed Forces and FMV have long recognized the value of simulators in enhancing competence and reducing training costs.

Our goal is to explore the potential of developing a supplementary simulator for basic casualty care training, primarily targeting military and police personnel.

By utilizing existing technology, our aim is to create a cost-effective simulator that enhances the realism of tactical casualty care practice and improves learning outcomes.