Saving lives through quality training

Experience realistic VR training scenarios tailored for military medics and tactical teams, enhancing skills in managing medical emergencies in critical situations.

The benefits of Pre-Hospital Care Training with VR

Realistic Experiences

• Explore realistic wounds and injuries in detail.

• Brace for the unexpected with unpredictable scenarios.

• Navigate high-risk scenarios, safely behind the VR lens.

Precision-driven Metrics

• Experience consistent, standardized training outcomes.

• Harness automated data collection for in-depth insights.

• Receive intelligent feedback with AI-powered debriefings.

Empowered Self-Training

• Train anytime, anywhere, unlocking limitless potential.

• Keep your skills sharp and always at the ready.

• Train smarter, eliminating bad habits and refining expertise.

– About Tactisim

Revolutionizing pre-hospital care training

In 2022, Dag, Peter, and Christian turned a military medical course into a vision: to transform pre-hospital healthcare training using VR/AR tech.

Their dream gave birth to Tactisim, a fusion of technology and medical expertise.

Dive into a world where technology meets real-world medical expertise. Welcome to the future of healthcare simulation.