XR simulations for prehospital casualty care

Revolutionizing prehospital care training

Limb bleeding poses a significant risk in civilian emergencies, and emergency tourniquet use has proven to be effective in increasing survival rates for severe limb trauma. However, proper application requires training, and practicing realistic scenarios for stopping catastrophic bleeding can be challenging.

Our goal is to explore the potential of developing an XR simulator for prehospital casualty care training. By utilizing available technology, we aim to revolutionize the way we educate and prepare for catastrophic bleedings, providing a more realistic and engaging training experience.

About Tactisim

Founded in 2022 by Dag, Peter, and Christian, Tactisim emerged from their shared experience during a combat care course for Home Guard paramedics.

Fueled by discussions around the potential of commercially available VR/AR technology, they set out to develop a simulator that enhances realism and learning in healthcare exercises. Thus, Tactisim was born.

Dag Bergsjö

Funding and business development

Professor in product development at Chalmers. Experience from several Chalmers Ventures supported startup companies.

Peter Kronkvist

Technology development

Senior software and system developer at SAAB AB with responsibility for Gripen simulators.

Christian Gård

Sales and marketing development

Founder of the design and communication agency Torino and the digital agency Hey Stella! Many years of experience as a business owner.