XR simulations for combat casualty care

In war, quick and proper care of an injured soldier is critical.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to practice combat care in a realistic way. We want to investigate the possibilities of developing a simulator for training combat casualty care. The aim is to use available technology to develop a simulator that increases the realism in training and improves the learning activities at a low cost for the user.

About Tactisim

Tactisim is a tech startup founded in 2022 by Dag, Peter and Christian. They got to know each other during a course in combat care for Home guard paramedics at Fårö in 2022.

During the course, Dag had brought an Oculus VR set and discussions arose as to whether, with already commercially available VR/AR technology, it would be possible to develop software as an instrument to use simulations to increase the realism and improve the learning activities in certain healthcare exercises.

After completing the course the trio decided to investigate the possibilities of actually developing a simulator for combat casualty care and thus Tactisim was born.

Dag Bergsjö

Funding and business development

Professor in product development at Chalmers. Experience from several Chalmers Ventures supported startup companies.

Peter Kronkvist

Technology development

Senior software and system developer at SAAB AB with responsibility for Gripen simulators.

Christian Gård

Sales and marketing development

Founder of the design and communication agency Torino and the digital agency Hey Stella! Many years of experience as a business owner.