– The idea

Elevating Prehospital Care: Realism Redefined with AI Insights

In the dynamic world of prehospital care, mastering the management of massive hemorrhage is a critical skill, but traditional training methods have their limitations.

The idea:

Current simulations, relying on peers or rudimentary mannequins, can’t capture the intense realism of a bleeding casualty — from the visceral visual of blood spurting to the pressure-cooker stress of the moment. Such constraints not only balloon costs and logistical challenges but can also lead to ”training scars” – inadvertent mistakes that could prove costly in real-world emergencies.

Enter the new frontier of AR/VR technology, now supercharged with AI. It’s not just about the future; it’s about harnessing today’s technological leaps to reimagine medical training. Our simulations don’t just replicate real-world scenarios; they analyze them. With AI-supported performance reports, trainees get tailored feedback, refining their techniques with precision.

Recognizing the transformative potential of such simulators, esteemed institutions like the Swedish Armed Forces and FMV have long championed them for their unparalleled competence-building and cost-saving capabilities.

Our mission at Tactisim? To go beyond the limitations of traditional methods. We’re leveraging cutting-edge AR/VR solutions to craft a simulator specifically tailored for handling casualties with massive hemorrhage. Primarily designed for military and police personnel, this isn’t just a tool — it’s a game-changer. We aim to deliver an immersive, cost-effective training experience that elevates realism, sharpens skills, and ultimately saves more lives.