We have submitted a joint application to Vinnova

We recently submitted a joint application to Vinnova for a research grant for a collaborative project. The project is intended to be carried out between researchers, practitioners and representatives of the users and focus on the possibilities of digitalisation to conduct and further develop training in the area of tactical care of an injured person.

The needs owners in the project are the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Police authority, which today conduct extensive activities in the field of tactical healthcare and train approximately 10,000 people annually.

The consortium includes:
• Disaster medicine center in Linköping, which is a leader in disaster medicine and research related to tactical care.
• Chalmers Institute of Technology, which contributes with technical expertise linked to digitalisation, information management and simulation.
• System development consultant Syntell with many years of experience in simulation and development of complex systems, not least for the Armed Forces.
• Tactisim, which will develop the project’s demonstrators and test cases. Tactisim is also supported by Chalmers Ventures in its ambitions to build a sustainable business and product.

The aim of the project is to build knowledge around digitalisation’s possibilities to improve tactical handling by focusing on mass training, data collection and realistic elements. We will develop and evaluate prototypes that focus on benefits linked primarily to increased realism in the exercise, collection of data for quality assurance of the training as well as the possibility of using digitization to enable volume training in-house.

In the spring of 2023, we will find out if our application has been approved and the project can start.